Saturday, August 2, 2008


Lily Nirmal

NASHIK, AUGUST 2, 2008: The Past-Pupils of Don Bosco School Nashik conducted an exciting General Knowledge Quiz for the Secondary students on July 31, 2008. To ensure maximum participation the quiz was held first for the students of Class 5 to 7 and then for Class 8 to 10. The participants were chosen from among the meritorious students of the last scholastic year. An air of suspense and enthusiasm filled the hall as the rounds got underway. The Quiz Masters – Masters Ranjan Gaur, Yash Shimpi, Kapil Aphale and Sahil Rana were the previous G.K. Champions from the school. They brought a great deal of professionalism to their quizzing with some tough and challenging questions addressed to both the students and the audience. In all there were 12 rounds for each group. The Savio House emerged as victors of the “‘Think Better! Get Smarter!’ G.K. Quiz”. Theirs was a razor thin victory in a nail-biting contest. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Bhanumati Panda, who along with Fr. Diego Nunes, our Principal, coordinates the activities of the Past Pupils. The success of the programme has been a boost to our nascent past-pupil unit and its members now look forward to other activities that will link them to their alma mater assisting them in carrying the flame of Don Bosco into their future endeavors.

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