Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Rohini Patrao

WADALA, AUGUST 12, 2008: Water being a critical resource for every living being, it is necessary for us to understand its importance. Unfortunately, people use this resource carelessly and hence it is getting quickly depleted. Keeping this in mind, the Education Department organised Akhil Bharatiya Vigyan Melava 2008-09, a symposium on ‘Water Crisis - Its Problems and Its Remedies’. 84 students from various schools in the city participated in this programme. The judges for the symposium were Dr. Sarah de Sa, retired professor from the Department of Botany SIES College(Sion), Mrs. Meena Potnis the Head of the Department of Botany also from SIES College, Mr Milan Patel, Asst. Professor VJTI, and Mrs. Shika Roy, professor of Chemistry from Khalsa College. The symposium began with Fr. Anthony Pinto, Principal of St. Joseph's High School, giving an introductory talk welcoming all the contestants and wishing them good luck. The performance of the contestants was indeed remarkable. The fact that these young minds showed such a profound interest in this subject made a great impact, both, on the judges and on the audience. Each contestant had a different way of making people aware of the significance of water on our planet. They clearly stated that without water there would be no life. The point stressed by all the participants was: "Water may not be under our control, but saving water is definitely in our hands". Dhruv Patel from St. Joseph's High School won the first place, while the second prize was shared by Dhairya Shah from Blossom's Sunderbhai Thackersey English High School and Sanket Sanjay Bharve IES Modern English High School. The third place went to Tanvee Mahesh Thakur also from IES Modern English High. The symposium clearly helped to create awareness that “Jal Hai to Kal Hai!”

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