Thursday, August 14, 2008


Johnson Kshirsagar sdb

CHHOTA UDEPUR, AUGUST 13, 2008: Don Bosco Chhota Udepur proved to be an apt venue for the Adivasi Day Celebration organized by the Adivasi Maha Sabha on Saturday, August 9. Over a thousand Adivasis congregated at this venue to celebrate their day. They came by tractors, jeeps, buses and on foot from the remotest villages of the taluka. Also present were representatives from the talukas of Naswadi, Pavi Jetpur and Tilakwada. Through dance, skits and speeches, they expressed the rich and diverse cultural aspects of their lives. One of the salient features of the day was the discussion of the "Jungle Jamin" issue which is currently a major topic in all Adivasi areas. The "Van Adikari Samiti" from each village clarified in front of the gathering how far they have progressed with regard to the preparation of the documents needed. In conclusion to the day, some of those present, through personal testimonies exhorted their fellow Adivasis to refrain from dishonesty, cheating one another and consuming liquor. Three cheers to that!

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