Saturday, August 23, 2008


Venita Gomes
BORIVLI, AUGUST 23, 2008: In our society today the mobile phone is something glued to the hands of youth and often even to their ears! The ‘Praise Adonai Youth Cell’ of St. John Bosco Parish, Borivli, observed this new trend among the youngsters and realized the great potential of this gadget for the evangelizing ministry. The SMS is a rapid as well as a cost-effective means of sending a message, so we decided to put it to good use for the greater glory of God. This is an excellent channel for sending out the message of the Gospel in a short and crisp way, much to the liking of youth, on a daily basis, and right into their palms! These messages can also be easily forwarded to friends, thus reaching a huge audience in a short time. We hope that these messages will touch the lives of the youth who receive them and lead them to live a more committed Christian life. The SMS can also be used for involving people in intercessory prayer. By sending an SMS we can easily and swiftly invite people to pray for those suffering due to sickness, unemployment or because of some other problem. We have discovered that this is an effective way of creating an intercessory prayer network. We hope that many more people, especially youngsters, will use this simple system of building up prayer groups.

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