Friday, October 3, 2008


Roger Jones sdb BARODA, OCTOBER 3, 2008: Bosco Snehalaya organized a Peace Rally on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, in which all the children from Snehalaya and several students from the M.S. University Faculty of Social Work participated. The rally, which was flagged off at 9.30 am from Bosco Snehalaya at Vishwamitri, went through the city to Akota Garden and then returned back to Snehalaya via the old Padra Road. Several people joined in the rally on the way. The purpose of the rally was to focus attention on the values of peace and harmony that Gandhi stood for. At Akota Garden, Municipal Corporator Imtiaz Khan addressed the participants of the rally. He pointed out that these days we live in constant fear of terrorists’ attacks and bombasts. There is an urgent need to encourage and inculcate in people an attitude of communal harmony and cooperation. He concluded by saying that the children of Snehalaya are an excellent example of persons of different castes, creeds and communities living together in perfect harmony. If all in society could live happily together like them our world would be a beautiful place.

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