Friday, October 10, 2008


Savio D’Mello sdb AHMEDNAGAR, OCTOBER 10, 2008: Bro. Savio D’Mello and Sr. Vinita along with a group of seven young men from Chiklia Parish of Khandwa Diocese spent two days, October 3 and 4, at BGVK Ahmednagar on an exposure programme. These youth are part of a Rural and Agricultural Catholic Youth Movement started a year ago in the diocese of Khandwa. The Rural-Agricultural Catholic Youth Movement is an international youth movement called MIJARC, with its head office based in Belgium. The youth from Chiklia were very impressed by all that they saw and experienced at BGVK Ahmednagar. Bro. Alex Gonsalves introduced them to the Integrated Watershed Development Project undertaken by BGVK. The youth were surprised to see that in spite of the fact that Ahmednagar receives less rainfall in comparison to Chiklia there seemed to be more water available for agriculture in Ahmednagar then was the case in their villages. Interacting with the farmers the youth were taken up by their confidence that they would have enough water for the irrigation of their fields even in the hot summer months. The youth were also introduced to the income generation activities of the various mahila mandals run by BGVK and saw for themselves the poultry and goat-rearing projects. The youth of Chiklia left Ahmednagar with the resolve to do something similar in their own village in Madhya Pradesh. They were convinced that if they were united and worked together, they could after a few years, repeat the same miracles that BGVK has been able to achieve through its selfless and dedicated work among the people of Ahmednagar.

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