Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ranald Lopes sdb CHHOTA UDEPUR, OCTOBER 15, 2008: On Sunday October 12, our students of Std. XI and XII, as also the girls attending the tailoring course, decided to forfeit their ‘day of rest’ and do a bit of useful work in the Chhota town. Armed with an array of cleaning equipment, they descended on the Government Hospital. As can be well imagined, this hospital is a far cry from the clean and hygienic place it ought to be. Our students spent a good three hours, sweeping the entire place, scrubbing the rooms and sprucing up the campus. It was no easy task, but our young social workers threw their hearts into the job, and after three hours of sweeping and scrubbing, panting and puffing, the hospital had a healthier and happier look! But what is most important is that besides giving the hospital a changed look, our students also came back with a changed attitude. The exercise helped them realize that just complaining about the wretched state of our public facilities and institutions is pointless – as citizens we need to contribute towards the upkeep and improvement of these facilities. Programmes like these definitely help is assisting the students grow into responsible citizens.

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