Friday, October 17, 2008


Colin Pereira sdb ALIRAJPUR, OCTOBER 16, 2008: On Monday, October 13, the first batch of students from the Lamprell Work2LivE Programme who have just completed their Basic Motor Mechanics Course began their driving classes here at Alirajpur. Their instructor, Mr. Kandu Rawat, began the driving course with a theory class in the morning and in the afternoon the 8 enthusiastic youngsters actually got into the driver’s seat! These students have already procured the learner’s license and at the end of the course they will go to Jhabua for the test to obtain their driving license.
Keeping in mind that 'Education to Livelihood' is one of the top priorities of our province, Don Bosco Alirajpur has also started a separate Skills Training Programme for the tribal youth from the neighbouring villages. The first batch of youngsters from various villages have joined the motor maintenance and driving programme. Skills training programmes that enhance the employability of the youth are of dire need in this region. Because of poor land conditions and low rainfall the tribals here are unable to sustain themselves only through agriculture. It may be recalled that because of these difficult conditions some villages have even made dacoity their profession. The skills training that Don Bosco is now offering will definitely help them take up better professions!

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