Monday, October 20, 2008


Mylin Noronha sdb NASHIK, OCTOBER 20, 2008: Armed with nothing but a dholak, a trumpet and plenty of self confidence, the Divyadaan brothers took to the streets on October 19, 2008. It was neither a protest nor a rally, but rather an effort of the young Salesians to make a difference in society. After a little more than 24 hours of being introduced to the concept of Street Plays, the brothers went to one of the local slums Kamgar Nagar, and put up four street plays on AIDS Awareness, Alcoholism, Terrorism and Corruption. The plays managed to attract a crowd of about 70 adults and children who were not only impressed but also clarified their doubts on the social evils presented by the brothers. The training began on October 18 with plenty of exercises, action songs and creative ways of attracting and educating people. It was a very informative and educative session, which did not merely end with theories and abstract ideas but a practical act by the brothers, on the streets of Nashik. It was an enriching experience for the brothers as they performed on the streets in spite of disturbances and the fear of facing the general public. As instructed by their mentors, the brothers used the road as if it belonged to them, and convincingly put forth their views and opinions. Their songs, music, dialogues and dances left the audience wonderstruck. Some even expressed their desire to join the ranks of the street performers to spread the awareness against social evils. This training in Alternate Media, given by Mr. Maxwell Rose and his group of five members from Mumbai, was part of the holiday programme of the Bachelor of Philosophy students. Amidst the many philosophical courses, holidays are very dear. Yet, under the guidance of the staff, in the true Salesian spirit, the brothers decided to make their holidays a little more than just a change in occupation! Sessions in artwork, basics of electrical gadget repairs, sound systems and computers, were accompanied by coaching in football and basketball as part of the holiday programme of the brothers.

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