Monday, October 27, 2008


Savio Silveira sdb MATUNGA, OCTOBER 27, 2008: The kids from the neighbourhood slums, who frequent the evening classes at the Provincial House, were treated to a Diwali Party on Sunday, October 26. The party began at 5.00 pm with the daintily dressed kids being led into the exquisitely decorated hall. The walls draped with dupattas, the rangoli brightening the floor, the soft glow of the diyas, the scent of the agarbathi filling the air and the typically ethnic music streaming in the background, gave the room an enchanting feel. The kids looked around in amazement, their eyes dancing with delight! And as soon as they were all seated, another surprise awaited them – almost magically confetti began drifting down on them! Unable to contain their excitement any further, the kids clapped their hands in glee and shouted: Wow, kya mast hai! The evening then got going in full gusto. After snacks had been served and savoured, it was down to a grand session of diya painting. It was an absolute treat to watch the little artists excitedly get to work, giving their diyas a decorative coat of paint and then adding a touch of creative designs to them. Well, they did create quite an artistic mess, but the end result was a string of masterpieces, worthy of adorning any art gallery! With the painting happily completed, it was time for a roller-coaster of Diwali masti – a fun filled mix masala of music, dance, songs and games that had the kids screaming for more! Next, it was the moment for the much awaited fireworks session. The kids began by lighting their diyas, after which sparklers were distributed to all. With the diyas burning brightly and kids dancing around with sparklers in their hands, the entire place was turned into a veritable fairyland! When the glitter and the glimmer of the fireworks finally subsided, the kids settled down to grand Diwali dinner. And then it was time for the final event of the evening, the distribution of gifts. Hugging their gifts happily and renting the night with shouts of ‘Happy Diwali’, the kids made their way home. Undoubtedly, long after the diyas have died down and the sparks from the sparklers have cooled, memories of this wonderful evening will live on! Thanks to Fiona and her team of dedicated volunteers who planned and executed every detail of this party. And thanks to our outreach staff who were with the kids all through the evening, just as they are on all other evenings. It’s people like you who make life beautiful!

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