Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ambrose Pereira sdb SOLOMON ISLANDS, APRIL 13, 2009: The Holy Thursday and Good Friday Services were well prepared and animated for the hundreds of faithful that attended the same at Holy Cross, Honiara. A heavy down all throughout the night and the entire Saturday, limited movement and brought travel to a standstill. Nazareth Apostolic Centre is low-lying and the river burst its bank and flooded their low lying area. “A lady caught on an island in the middle of the river called out for help. The police were called. However before they could arrive young men made a raft and pulled her to safety”, said Fr. Joeli, Director of NAC. Fearing the worst, a phone call was made to Mr. Reggie from Dalgro, who responded immediately and arrived on the scene with a heavy vehicle. He accessed the situation and brought the people to Don Bosco, Henderson. Seeing that the people were wet and cold the hall was kept at their disposal together. People hearing of the flooding donated rice, tayio and biscuits. Plans to participate in the Easter vigil at Holy Cross were changed. The Easter vigil liturgy was prepared by Fr. Joseph Thanh sdb, together with the Aspirants and boys and the celebration commenced at 8pm. “We are in a crisis situation and we need to respond immediately to the needs of the people”, said Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, in his homily. “God did something similar when he saw that his people needed to be saved from sin”, he continued. A warm meal was enjoyed by all at the end of the celebration and had a good nights rest. The next morning was bright. The water having receded, the people returned back to NAC.

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