Friday, April 17, 2009


Arlene Mathiah BORIVLI, APRIL 17, 2009: The passion of Jesus was brought alive in and around the vicinity of St. John Bosco Parish, Borivli, with the enactment of the Stations of the Cross on April 10, 2009, Good Friday. It began in the Church premises at 7.00 am followed by a walking pilgrimage around a few areas of the parish. Youngsters and adults from the parish undertook this task of being witnesses to the Passion of Jesus by acting in this Way of the Cross. A beautiful aspect of this pilgrimage was that after every station, three people - men, women or catechumens - were invited to help Jesus carry the cross. The programme was coordinated by Mr. Harry Menezes, who took great care in attending to all the aspects of the event. This was the second time that a live enactment of the Stations was undertaken on Good Friday by the parish of St. John Bosco.

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