Monday, April 27, 2009

BIS #1364 - SURF & SAND

Evangelo D’Souza sdb BORIVLI, APRIL 27, 2009: “Every moment of life is new, just try changing your view” was the slogan that echoed around the beautiful shores of Boscowadi, Uttan as 58 youngsters in the age group of 13 to 15 years attended the camp ‘Surf & Sand, Beat the Summer Heat’, from April 17-20, 2009. The daily routine saw the campers rising early and enjoying the breath-taking atmosphere by the seaside. Sessions were then held to instill leadership qualities in the boys. The Eucharistic Celebrations, which were creatively animated, helped the ‘brave hearts’ to praise and worship the Lord. Games, tournaments, swims, competitions and the Bosco Quiz enabled the boys to develop themselves totally. The trek to the Light House and the night walk were memorable events. The Grand Camp Fire was the climax of the camp. It helped the boys to take initiative, to be creative and bold. The entire camp was coloured with laughter, joy, enthusiasm, and togetherness. The Camp Chief Fr. Brian Moras, along with his assistants, Brothers Bosco and Evangelo and a talented group of volunteers made sure that the youngsters had an experience of a life time. Expressing his feelings at the end of the camp, one of the youngsters remarked: “In this camp we have learned to live by possibilities, not by limitations. Every moment of life is new; we just have to change our view very often”.

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