Saturday, September 5, 2009


Rudolf D’souza sdb
NASHIK, SEPTEMBER 5, 2009: “If teaching is a noble profession, then those who teach should belong to the nobility”. This is what the brothers of Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy believe about their staff who are training the young philosophers in their journey to be successful and effective priests and lay religious. On the occasion of teachers’ day, September 5, 2009, the brothers of Divyadaan made the day a special one for their teaching staff. Some brothers are involved in the teaching apostolate and so they comprehend, too well, the value of a teacher.
The programme began with a prayer service thanking God for the gift of teachers and the divine gift of wisdom. After this, a programme was organized in their honour, which began with a skit by the brothers of the FY BPH. The skit was a beautiful portrayal of how the wisdom of a teacher and the determination of a student can bring forth success. This was followed by a song titled ‘Amazing’ by the brothers of the SYBPH. The brothers of the TYBPH displayed their musical skills with a harmonious medley of a song and a band piece. The brothers of the MPH reminded us of the compassion and charity of Bl. Mother Teresa- whose memoria also occurs today- with a song dedicated to the ‘Saint of the Gutters’.
Some of the brothers teaching scouting and value education in the neighboring schools shared the same appreciation as they too were felicitated in their respective schools.
Education goes beyond the imparting of mere poetic knowledge and the teachers of Divyadaan best understand this in preparing their students for life. The efforts puts in by the brothers did make the day a memorable one for all and at the end of the day the staff did feel that they are precious indeed!

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