Thursday, September 10, 2009


Louella Braganza
The feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother Mary celebrated on September 8, 2009, began with the nine days of novena from August 30. Fr. Blany instructed the Catechism teachers of each class to animate one day of the Novena along with the classes allotted to them. Wonderful, creative and thought provoking messages were brought out each day of the novena through the animation. Through these messages various aspects were brought out in order to enable the parishioners to learn from Mary's way of life.
The homilies of Fr. Edwin and Fr. Blany emphasized the many areas in the priestly vocation, this being the Year of the Priest. The enormous responsibility on the priest to take his congregation to heaven was brought out very vividly. The role of the mother in the life of Don Bosco and his ways were wonderfully pointed out. The anecdotes of 'The Little Cloud' and ' The Proud Fox' hit the message home.
There was interaction between the priest and the children which gave a special touch to every Eucharist. The use of the media by Fr. Edwin during the homily was very effective. The Eucharist on the final day ended with floral tributes, diya lit entrance procession and snacks for the children.

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