Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Smita Salve
The parishioners of St. Dominic Savio Church, Satpur held nine days of novena prayers in honour of Our Lady of Velankanni with the approval of the parish priest Fr. Nelson Falcao.

The novena was inaugurated with a flag-hoisting ceremony at the grotto of Our Lady. Fr. Wyman, Fr. Ashley and Fr. Nelson jointly hoisted the flag and invoked blessings upon the people and in particular prayed for rains. To the surprise of all, the novena was attended by an average of over hundred people daily. The people were grateful for two reasons: they could attend the novena in honour of Our Lady’s Birthday and they could save money as it costs a minimum of Rupees 50/- to go for the novena at Devlali Camp Church.

The animation of the eleven days, i.e., the flag-hoisting day, the nine days of the novena and the feast day, was allotted to the various zones and areas of the Satpur Church. The people beautifully decorated the statue of Our Lady with sarees and flowers, and also meaningfully animated the daily rosary and the mass. The parish councillors, the Mahila Mandals, the youth groups, the zonal and area leaders cooperated well with all the faithful and celebrated the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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