Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Bento D’souza sdb
: 136 men sat in the auditorium and 36 women perched on the balcony of the Sahakar Sabhagruha, Ahmednagar on September 25, 2009 to celebrate the end of Roza (fasting) and the celebration of Id Milan. The panel that sat on the dais consisted of the Chief Speaker Maulana Mohammed Sami (J.I.H Secretary, Maharastra) from Jalgaon, who gave a down to earth and practical speech on the theme: The Significance of Fasting according to the Koran. The entire theme of the meeting was the meaning of fasting according to various religious traditions. The other eminent speakers were Shree Sanjay Ganpat Bhingardive, Shree Ganesh Kankariya, Pastor Vasant Dabke, Ajay Maharaj Bharaskar, Architect Shaikh, L. D Kharade, Fr. Bento D’Souza and Family Physician Dr. Shankarprasad Afra.

All the discourses were revelatory and interesting but the image that struck deep roots in the psyche of the listeners was the account of the day of ten babies were born in this hospital and the doctor asked the parents to find out the difference between one and the other. They had no caste, no creed, no religion and no status but all of them were children of India. Fr. Bento spoke on the sense of balance that should exist in relations to fasting and feasting. Both of which are essential components of human and Christian life.

The organizers of the Inter- religious panel were Jamaat Islami Hind. Peace and harmony marked the entire proceeding of varied speeches and reflections on religious fasting. Every one ended by wishing each other As-Salām `Alaykum (Peace be upon you) and Id Mubarak. It was a treasured moment of enlightenment of how those empowered by religion can build a brotherhood and sisterhood built on universal values for God.

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