Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Lorraine Fernandes
The Senior Citizens cell of our Parish was officially launched at the evening Eucharist on Monday, September 28, 2009. The theme running through the liturgy was “Thanksgiving” and the altar backdrop carried these words - Thank You Lord for the Gift of Life, which summarized the sentiments of the elders.
In a touching homily, Fr. Edwin Colaco, the founder of the cell, shared about how his terminally ill mother never failed to express her care and concern for him till the very end. The get-together that followed witnessed dance performances by the children and the youth, games, spot prizes, a lively sing-song session and a spontaneous dance by the elders.
Months of meticulous planning were put in to ensure the success of the maiden event organized by the senior citizens cell. The overwhelming response of more than 100 seniors and the sheer enthusiasm shown by them have laid a firm foundation for the cell members to work even more diligently in the future.
Big thanks to Fr. Edwin Colaco, the one who had the vision of caring for the elders and materialized this vision in forming a cell and organizing this event. The elders were promised of more events to come in the near future. That they went home with a big smile on their lips and gratitude in their heart is truly a priceless achievement.

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