Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sarita Rego
The spectacular Hindi week at Don Bosco High School, Borivli was organized from September 14 to 18, 2009. The objective behind organizing the special extra-curricular activity was to create a sense of importance of Hindi- the National Language. Mahatma Gandhi very well said, “The nation is dumb without a national language”.
Certainly, nowadays the language has undergone a change which at time makes the language improper to use. Language plays a very vital part in communication. Everyday morning talks were given which helped students to imbibe good values and increase their vocabulary. On September 14, a special ‘Essay Writing Competition’ was organized for the students of Higher Secondary by the Ideal Foundation. Dramatics Competition which was organized in the Hindi Language- a first time event in the school was a fantabulous affair and was thoroughly enjoyed by the esteemed judges, audience students, parents and all those who were witness to this event.
The Blue (Gandhi) House bagged the First place for their play, “Meetha Zehar” which depicted how Parents give slow poison to their child when they do not correct him for his mistakes and wrongdoings while the Green (Nehru) House bagged the Second place for their play, “Kursi Tantr”. The Yellow (Tagore) House secured the Third place for their play, “Rakshak Bana Adhikaron Ka Bakshak”
The school felt that proper importance should be given to our National language and its use should be stressed at all times. Students got a golden opportunity to showcase their talents. The efforts of the Hindi teacher, Mrs. Shubhangi and Ms. Renu bore fruit and the event was a great success along with the cooperation of the Principal, Fr. George Carlos and the House Teachers.

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