Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bosco Pereira sdb
The strength of a family lies in its weakest link. This weak link which is also the “breaking point” of the community, or could also be the “turning point” of the organization, often becomes the ‘reference’ for all other developments. Only when the “slow learner,” the people with learning disabilities, the intellectually not so sound, the socially backward (BPL), the spiritually poor in spirit, the emotionally depressed etc. can be taken care of in the Don Bosco Way, can we truly say that H E is happening.

When the gardener, the janitor, the watchman and peons, in short, the fourth grade workers can be ‘proud’ of the establishment, then H E takes place. Staff and students must be treated with respect and dignity. A just wage (which has always been an issue) must be maintained. H E is not only in reference with the “degree” of education involved but the quality and well being of every individual. The alphabets after the name have value only if the people concerned count. Individuals in our ‘high rises’ must be the heart and soul of our concrete structures. Our buildings can be painted red, but the flesh and blood of our education should not be painted black and blue.

Higher Education needs a new look, a new face – the face of God – the face of the Don Bosco Way – the face of Loving Kindness, all else is all ‘decorations and titles’. Unless we are ‘born again,’ re-enter the womb to have new life, we are only a clanging symbol.......

“I have come that you may have Life, Life in abundance!’ that really is Higher Education.

H E will then grow in wisdom; the weak will be strengthened and will have a stronger link.

Let this Chapter give a new face to H E!

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aaaaah............ H E by H E.........

Higher Education by HIS EXCELLENCY?????