Monday, January 18, 2010


Chris Valentino sdb
: The bright and sunny morning of January 17, 2010 was a blessing for the Don Bosco Centre for Learning Campus, Kurla as 18 vocation probables from the Vasai–Virar-Uttan Pali region gathered for a wonderful “Come & See” programme. The energetic bunch comprising high-school and college students eager to ‘come and join’ Don Bosco spent their Sunday knowing, asking and learning.

Organised by Fr. Gregory D’Cunha and Fr. Richard D’Silva, this vocation camp was an eye-opener for the boys of the Uttan-Vasai belt in more ways than one. Beginning with a morning snack on arrival, the entourage went on a guided tour of the Campus animated by Fr. Chris. They were given an understanding of the various works, the efforts to educate Catholics and the disadvantaged, in addition to relevant information about each of the four institutes on the Campus.

Thereafter Fr. Richard animated the youngsters with a short movie presentaon on the life of Don Bosco, his dream, mission and achievements. A refreshing game of football proved to be a real preparation for the afternoon peth-puja! The post-lunch session was devoted to queries, clarifications and distribution of gifts.

Though it was envisaged as a “come and see” programme, the setting sun had ensured that the adventurous outing to Don Bosco Centre for Learning turned out to be a “go and tell” venture. Hoping and praying that many more may be inspired to work for and with the young people, animating, guiding and leading them on.

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