Saturday, January 23, 2010


Bento D’Souza sdb

AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 22, 2010: On January 20, 2010 at early dawn, a Missionary team of Frs. Vishwas, Ivan, Bento, Rosario, Flovi and Francis left Ahmednagar for a fact finding expedition to scout the town of Parbhani.

Around 8 am, the first visit was made to Don Bosco, Aurangabad to survey the venue for a proposed new school. The site is opposite Garware and Bajaj, in MIDC Waluz, 10 kilometers before the town of Aurangabad. After this the group left for Parbhani. After three hours drive, the first stop was at the two school sites of St. Augustine Primary School owned by the Diocese of Aurangabad and managed by the Holy Spirit Sisters of Pune.

The next visit was paid to the property bought many years ago by Fr. Elias Dias, then Provincial Economer. It is a prime property in the heart of a residential settlement in Parbhani town, surrounded with planned roads on three sides and cotton fields on one side. Then, the Savedi Film Crew sprung into action, Fr. Vishwas: the producer, Fr. Francis: the director and Fr. Flovi: the videographer; with a handy- cam recorded the site and its location, its problems and promises, so that all who do not have time for a long and strenuous journey can view it at leisure.. What intrigued the team was why has nothing happened for so many years by way of turning a vacant bushy plot into a flourishing educational institution? The team returned back via the same longer route, Jalna & Aurangabad to Ahmednagar by late night fall.

Welcome to Parbhani a tiny town that falls on the line connecting Chile and China in the dream of Don Bosco. Salesians Wake UP!!! Another fact finding team from Nagar leaves on January 26, 2010, there are free seats for two or more, like to join?

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