Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Vincent Bansode
SATPUR, JANUARY 27, 2010: The Church of St. Dominic Savio, Satpur was completed in 2005. It was built by the Salesians, on a Jesuit land, whose power of attorney rests with the Bishop of Nashik and the Salesians are care-takers for forty years (1991-2030). The Salesians took a lot of trouble and pains to build the Church. But may be due to the three huge shutters right in front, or for whatever reasons the Church had a go-down look. Sometimes a few trucks used to halt enquiring about place to stack their goods. The parishioners of Satpur felt that their Church should look like a place of God and of prayer. The sanctuary too was very bare. Fr. Nelson Falcao, the Parish Priest too shared the same feeling of the people and tried to express it to a few people around. A great donor, Mr. Richard D’Souza came forward and showed initiative about the whole project of the renovation of the façade and the sanctuary of the Church. A rather elaborate renovation plan was drawn by an architect and was approved by Fr. Provincial and his Council.

The work began on December 8, 2009 with a short prayer invoking God’s blessings. And after a month’s work real progress is seen and the Church has put on a new look. The people are happy and showing great cooperation, not by just visiting the site but also through economic contribution. Some people from Don Bosco Church, College Road too are helping economically through donations. Renovation of the façade implies installing a 14 feet statue of Jesus Christ, like the one of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Cross right on the top and a proper entrance. The hind part of the Church is extended till the old shutters. The old shutters are kept for safety but are not seen from the outside. The sanctuary would have a new look with a new altar, tabernacle, baptismal font, a huge Cross at the centre and an interior decoration. What is taking place is a real miracle, thanks be to God! Thanks to the Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao sdb. A special thanks to Mr. Richard D’Souza and all the other donors, the Fathers, Brothers, Parish Councillors, Mahila Mandal, Youth Group and all the parishioners who have helped in one way or another in this Church Renovation Project.

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