Thursday, January 21, 2010


Bosco Carvalho sdb

NASHIK, JANUARY 20, 2010: The confreres at Nashik joyously welcomed Rev. Fr. Briston Britto and Rev. Fr. Royal D’Abreo, the new priests of the Province of Mumbai for a grace filled stay in the communities of Divyadaan, Salesian Training Institute and Don Bosco Bhavan on January 14 and 15, 2010. Rev. Fr. Brian Moras, the vocation promoter, who accompanied the new priests conveyed that the

purpose of this visit was to recount God’s wonders in the lives of these two priests, share in their joy and obtain graces thorough their holy hands. The faithful of the parish of Don Bosco grabbed the opportunity of interacting with the new priests and asked them questions on their vocation, their moments of joy and sorrow, their formation process and many interesting questions. The priests responded frankly with their experiences and emphasized the importance of prayer, the sacraments and being open to one’s spiritual guide. The joy of celebrating the Holy Eucharist together with the people was the culmination of the celebrations. The priests prayed for the good health and intentions of the faithful during the Eucharistic meal. The people in turn, prayed and blessed God for the gift of priests and made them feel at home.

The confreres were edified with their presence in the community and their active involvement in the life and activities of the community. The visit of the New Priests was a reminder to the priests of their fidelity to Christ and also an invitation to those aspiring to become priests to live everyday in God’s presence. A maxim well-heard of comes to mind, “A Priest is a man of God and makes people think about God”.

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