Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Crescens Lemos sdb
LONAVLA, JUNE 7, 2010: June 5, 2010 is celebrated as World environment day, and Don Bosco Lonavla was not left out of the celebrations. ITC Maratha and ITC Grand Central in collaboration with Don Bosco Lonavla organized a tree-plantation drive to mark the ‘World Environment Day’.

Around hundred and fifty employees of ITC Maratha and ITC Grand Central along with their bosses arrived at Don Bosco Lonavla for the tree-plantation drive. The Tree-plantation drive began with an official planting ceremony. Fr. Cletus D’souza, Rector of Don Bosco Lonavla, Fr. Lorenzo D’souza, Mr. Harsh Chavan and Mr. Sheikh Mohammad initiated the Tree-Plantation drive. On welcoming the employees of the esteemed hotels, Fr. Cletus D’souza invited the staff to plant the seed of love, joy and peace in their lives just as they plant the sapling into the ground for a better future. That day around hundred and eighty saplings were planted by the employees of two the hotels. The employees later enjoyed playing a game of cricket followed by a sumptuous meal. Quite many of the employees had a nostalgic feeling in Don Bosco Lonavla as they happened to be past pupils of Don Bosco Lonavla and Don Bosco Matunga.
Mother Nature has, is and will always be there to provide for us. Nurture nature that’s all is expected of us.

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