Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Gayatri Joshi
AHMEDNAGAR, JUNE 7, 2010: The Summer Camp 2010 of Shelter Don Bosco gave special attention to an English Speaking Course organized for three months at St.Anns College in Ahmednagar. With the help of the Management and staff of St.Anns College and Shelter the English camp was a grand success. The boys were divided into three groups according to the standard they were promoted to. The Camp included a fixed time-table for the entire day where the children were involved in various activities, sessions and conversations in English. A planned module was designed by the staff and management for the entire camp. The classes involved conversations, vocabulary, phonetics, reading, writing, understanding, English typing, action songs, games and various other competitions. Various techniques & methods were implemented to make the camp more interesting & participative. For the morning sessions a hockey training program was organized by Mr.Neigi. The boys were graded on their performance in class and their exam keeping in mind their english speaking skills. The camp concluded by a program in English presented by the boys. They were honored by Fr.William, Fr.Anton & Mr.Prakash. We are obliged by the support ,care and concern shown by Fr.Anton , Fr.Briston ,Fr.Bento, Principal Heather Dsouza ,Jacob ,Mr.Prakash ,Franklin, Amelie ,Johanna and the staff at Shelter to help the children take a new step towards building their success .

On the completion of the camp the boys enjoyed a five day vacation at Savedi. A well planned trip to various locations in Ahmednagar. They enjoyed the Musical Fountain garden at Paithan, the Sai baba temple in Shirdi, Tank museum, Chandbibi Mahal, Ahmednagar Fort & the Church at Bhingar. Along with sightseeing, games and movies they also enjoyed the juicy surgcanes, mangoes & tamarinds from the farms & trees at Ahmednagar.
The boys had a memorable trip which helped them make a summer change in their lives. The course has built in them a confidence to speak in English. The camp will continue in Shelter throughout the year. The new boys who enter the organization will be prepared to join English Medium Schools. From the twenty boys who have finished their rehabilitation from lonavala seventeen boys will be joining English Medium schools. The children at Shelter are now walking and talking in English.

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