Monday, June 14, 2010


Bro Anthony Dias. Sdb
GUJARAT, JUNE 14, 2010: It was a great privilege for the community of Don Bosco to have Sr. Blanch in their midst during the time of her return for her holidays. The community felicitated her by celebrating a thanksgiving Eucharist with the neighboring community of the Salesians sisters, Pushpanjali. During the Eucharist, Fr. Ignas the main celebrant invited the congregation to thank God for Sr. Blanch and pray for more missionary vocation in the church.

Sr. Blanch during the Eucharist shared some of her experience in the mission land of Combodia and her stay in Rome. She stressed mainly on the history of Combodia, it’s revival after the destruction and the entry of the Salesian fathers and sisters in the form of NGO'S. She urged the congregation to pray for missions in Combodia, that there may be many local vocations. At present they have one professed local vocation working with them.

Bro. Jerome later in the program spoke a few words about her stay when she was involved in the Gujarat mission of Dakor. He emphasized on the hard work, dedication and commitment that she rendered to the people of Dakor especially during the epidemic of chicken guniya. He thanked her for all the services that she had rendered and continues to render in spreading the kingdom of God near and far. Fr. Alex felicitated her with a bouquet of flowers. The felicitation program ended with the hymn of there shall be showers of blessings.

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