Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Crescens Lemos sdb
LONAVLA, JUNE 15, 2010: Holidays, holidays, holidays yes! After really long holidays it’s now the end of holidays and the beginning of a new academic year.
New academic year, new students, new Rector, Yes! Don Bosco Lonavla is blessed with a new Rector in the person of Fr. Cletus D’souza. A prayer service was held to mark the beginning of the new academic year. The dignitaries for the occasion were Mr. Raju Gawali President of the Municipal Council, Mr. Raju Bacche Municipal Councilor, Mrs. Shadan Chaudary Municipal Councilor, and Mrs. Lohar sarpanch of Wakrewadi and Kusgaon. The Principal Fr. Lorenzo D’souza, teaching staff and the students extended a warm welcome to Fr. Cletus D’souza the newly appointed Rector of Don Bosco Lonavla.
Dwelling on the theme Fr. Cletus encouraged the staff and the students to soar higher in every field; be it sports, academics, drama, art, etc. He challenged the school to become perfectionists in every aspect of their life. With his wit and humor he enthralled the staff and students. Later during the day the Rector addressed all the staff members of the school. He urged them to love the students just as how God loves us.

Dwelling on the topic of ‘Love for our youth’, a workshop on soft skills was organized for the staff of Don Bosco Lonavla under Mrs. Unita Doulton and her son Taroon. During the course the teachers were given just one thought, i.e. to treat the students as if they were their own children. She stressed on the fact that as teachers and educators we are called to know our students to not only see but to listen and understand the hopes, expectations, aspirations and even their problems.

Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is. May God bless us and help us reach new heights.

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