Thursday, June 24, 2010


BIS Correspondent
MUMBAI, JUNE 23, 2010: Don Bosco Matunga produced another magnificent result at the SSC Board Exams this year. Having adopted a policy that shepherds the weaker students over the years, and insistence that no child be left behind (much before it became a fashionable idea), the Bosco boys did their Alma Mater proud for one last time as students. Below is a summary of the results.

Appeared – 308
Passed – 307
School percentage – 99.6%
90% and above- 50
85 – 89.9% - 53
75 – 84.9% - 86
Total Distinctions – 189
1st. Class - 91
2nd. Class - 25
Pass Class - 2

During the school assembly principal, Fr. Bosco D’Mello reminded the boys that such results would not have been possible without the foresight, dedication, hard work and sacrifice of the faculty; which of course led to a long round of applause for all the staff members. The students were reminded of the virtue of systematic preparation for success in any endeavor in life.

The student with the highest percentage in the school was Nagar Kaustubh with 98.5%
Among the boarders, the highest percentage was Dias Hansel with 85.9%, a truly commendable effort.
The Night Study boys’ result was equally impressive. After residing in the institute for the whole month preceding the exams, all the twenty two boys passed with Salman Khan leading the way with 85%
The alumni unit of Don Bosco Matunga too was present that evening and the next day helping the students get their papers certified by Mr. Jeeghar L. Karani an S.E.O and a past pupil himself.

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