Monday, June 28, 2010


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, MUMBAI, JUNE 26, 2010: Sankalp a project for the Youth, a program designed for the Marginalized, Underprivileged, and the Dropout Youth of our city by Don Bosco Technical Training Institute Borivili. June 19, 2010 was a day to remember for all the seventy trainees who spent three months in Hotel Management training in Cookery, Bakery, Restaurant Service, and Housekeeping.
The Valedictory Function began by welcoming the dignitary’s. Fr. Anthony Santarita Director (Bosco Boys Home) who escorted the Chief Guests Mr. Sanjay Bose Director of Human Resources Hotel Taj (Corporate office) Mr. Marshall Dias Manger of Human Resources (Hotel Taj President) and Ms. Foram Nagori CSR (Corporate office). They were greeted by the aspirants and acknowledged their valuable presence by presenting a bouquet of flowers.

The welcome speech was given by Fr. Anthony Santarita who thanked the dignitary’s for their valuable time and support that they provided for three months during the training program in Hotel Management. He also expressed his gratitude towards the trainers Ms. Appolina (Housekeeping), Mr. Shakti Prasad (Bakery), Mr. Bhatt (Cookery), Mr.Prabhat (Restaurant Service) who shared all their knowledge to the aspirants. He expressed his gratitude to Mr. Melvin Pangya and Mr. Dayanand Patil who worked hard in the community motivating and convincing the youth to join the course. A vote of thanks was also given to Fr. Anaclete Dmello who was then the Director for the project, not forgetting Fr. Bastin Thomas Administrator BBH was also welcomed.
Each of the dignitary’s then came ahead to express their gratitude and motivated the trainees assuring them that there is always a chance to grow in the Hospitality industry; they also answered all the questions that were put by the aspirants, Mr. Sanjay Bose specially addressed that “no job is a small job or a dirty job everything that a person does is a part of the hospitality world where all of us do it at our homes when ever we have some guest”.

Last but not the least the final moment arrived where all the trainees were anxiously waiting for the distribution of certificates, the dignitary’s distributed the certificates. Among the seventy aspirants five came forward and shared their experience thanking the management and staff of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute for giving them the opportunity to be a part of the Hotel Management Training.

A vote of thanks was given by Fr. Anthony Santarita the valedictory function ended with a cultural program and a high tea party.

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