Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Donald Fernandez sdb
YERWADA, JUNE 29, 2010: The Titular feast of the Sacred Heart Parish was celebrated on June 27, 2010. The main celebrant was our Lordship Rev. Lourdes Daniel, the Bishop of Amravati, with eight concelebrants. The solemn entry of twenty four altar boys leading the concelebrants and the Bishop to the altar with the choir rendering their voices in praise made the service more devotional.
The sisters of The Holy Spirit Novitiate gave a traditional welcome to the Bishop, with the aarti. In his homily the Bishop highlighted on the theme ‘Having a Heart’ and the practical need of the present times to make the place a better world. The Liturgy empowered and enlightened the hearts of all.
The Bishop felicitated the Parish children of STD X and XII who secured Distinction and First Class with a trophy with the picture of Sacred Heart in remembrance of the Feast. Fr. Rector Francis Kharjia thanked Bishop Lourdes Daniel for his presence and the touchingsermon he gave. He was given a floral tribute by a parishioner.

The Bishop thanked Fr. Kharjia, and appreciated the good work he has been doing in the Parish. After the Feast Mass cake was distributed to all those who were present for the service both in the morning and the evening.

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