Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Br. Savio D’Mello
LONAVLA, JUNE 30, 2010: The rains have arrived and our brothers from agricultural sector have done some sowing. They have placed all their faith, trust and confidence in God, hoping their efforts will reap a good harvest. Don Bosco Lonavla also witnessed a sowing of a different kind.

Our vocations from the vernacular medium schools of Maharashtra arrived on June 27, 2010 and commenced their academic year with an inaugural prayer service on the following day at 9.00am. As part of the prayer service activity each candidate sowed few grains in a tray of mud and sprinkled a little water over it. This was a symbolic gesture to make them reflect on the venture they have taken upon themselves, just like the farmers. The boys have sown the seeds of goodwill and determination to learn the English language skills. Then we expect to have approximately twenty boys in this year’s batch.

Rev. Fr. Cletus, the newly appointed Rector, in his message very lucidly explained to the boys the meaning of the prayer service. He used the technique of acronym of word ‘SEEDS’. S is for the sower that is each one of us. E for enthusiasm the fuel that will help us to carry on in life [Jo bhi karna hai tan man se]. E for efforts which has to be put in to achieve our goals. D for determination in spite of all the difficulties we will be facing, and finally the S for success in life to become what God wants us to be in life, which is guaranteed.
We learn to grow and we grow to learn. May this season of harvest bear abundant fruit

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