Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ranald Lopes sdb
GUJARAT, JUNE 30, 2010: On the June 28, 2010, Don Bosco High School Chhotaudepur organized a one day seminar on Education to Human Rights for sixty-five teachers of the schools of Kawant, Narukot and Chhota. A special group called Udhaan from Ahmedabad which promotes Human Rights through the use of Audio Visual media conducted the seminar.

We all know the need of Human Rights and promoting our various Constitutional Rights is the need of the hour especially among the victims of poverty and injustice and that in order to promote these rights we need to have a thorough awareness of these rights, right from our childhood. This means that promoting of these rights is spreading them in the schools where our students learn their basic rights.

Ms. Nupur, heading the team of Udhann and the main speaker of the day spoke of the need to have a Rights based education right from school days, so that we know our rights and demanding them justly is a part and parcel of life. We have many no. of cases of rights being violated against children right from the womb, to the underprivileged classes and the lower castes, to women and the girl-child, the minorities and working classes and also the old and the aged are not spared.

The Govt. of India has constitutionally on paper and by law gifted each and every citizen of India a chain of Rights viz. Freedom to Religion, Right to Life, Child rights, Freedom of Speech, Right to work ,Right to Education being the most recent and in the near future even Right to Food.

At the end of the day the teachers who are the agents of Education in our society have also to become agents of promoting these rights. With a lot of questionnaire and group discussion the teachers of our three schools had a fulfilling day of learning so much more than their everyday syllabi. We are grateful to Fr. James for organizing this event which will surely bear fruit as far as Human Rights are concerned.

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