Thursday, July 1, 2010


Brian Moras sdb
MATUNGA, JULY 1, 2010: ‘A group experience is essential for the best growth of a youngster’, stressed our Rector Major, Fr. Pascaul Chavez, in his very recent letter on Youth Ministry.

The youngsters grow into maturity in the group. He literally flowers in the group (provided the group is a healthy one); and the group supplements for the weaknesses that the youngster has. Relating with others and their experience, the youngster overcomes his limitations.
With this as our goal, we are stressing the follow-up to all our summer and vocation camps at the Don Bosco Youth Services. We are looking at processes which will enable the youngster to discover his potential and create a better today!
Sixteen of our Youth Paschers (working youngsters) gathered for the reunion on June 20, 2010. After the initial welcome and ice-breakers, Fr. Brian conducted a session on ‘Making a Difference’- How can I make a difference in myself and in those whom I meet, was the focus of the session.
A programme for the year was planned. A retreat for the group and their like minded friends was planned at the ‘Lord’s Ranch’, near Pune, from the September 9 -12, 2010. Four members from the group were selected, with the purpose of animating the group along with Frs. Brian and Glen.

On June 27, 2010 we had the reunion of the youngsters who had come for our summer and Vocation Camps. Fifty-five youngsters responded to our invitation. Here too the focus was on planning a programme for the year which will help us to keep connected and grow into healthy and mature individuals, making a difference in society. This also was the initiation in the forming of the Bosco Youth Group (juniors and seniors) at the Youth Services. We plan to meet once every month for the same.

One thing which catches our attention is the tremendous enthusiasm among the youngsters to come back and be associated with Don Bosco. We are aiming to capitalize on this energy. May the Lord bless our future ventures.

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