Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ranald Lopes sdb
GUJARAT, JULY 3, 2010: As we have just concluded a compact and comprehensive seminar on The Church and Salesians in a New Media Age at the Provincial House, it is good that we are digital natives not just on our Lap top and Palm Top offices but also on the streets.

Indian roads are no stranger to the latest SUVs and 10tyre Volvos which glide past our four lane highways. To be Mobile not just through SMSes and MMSes but also by the latest modes of transport is not just a luxury anymore in India but also a means of living.

LSK Chhotaudepur through its project had taken a lead in having a driving course for twenty-five candidates with a difference. These drivers have to abreast themselves with basic computer knowledge and also know to read English and the vernacular Gujarati.

At the end of this two month Driving course we will have safe and qualified drivers, panning the highways and byways of India. Chhota has undertaken this course as per the latest requirements of the RTO regulations, so that these youngsters be good and safe drivers, earning their own living

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