Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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ANDHERI, JULY 6, 2010: July 3, 2010 was indeed an auspicious day as it was the inauguration of the School House System. The students were all ready and waiting for Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal, the Administrator and the Supervisor. They marched in to music and took their places at the back of the hall.

The compare welcomed the dignitaries and the students to the inauguration ceremony of the School House System and asked for the blessings of the Lord as we installed the Leaders of the various houses. We began with the Our Father and then had the Pledge and the National anthem. The students then sang the School anthem with gusto.
The School Captain, Master Rudrash Azad, the Vice Captain Master Nigel Rodrigues and the others marched to the stage and took their places on stage. The House captains and vice captains were also accompanied on stage with their respective teachers in charge of the house.
The compare mentioned that World Environment Day was celebrated on the June 5 and as this year is the year of the Environment the school has taken as its drive for the entire year, 'Care for Creation'.

Each House then gave the meaning of their colour, the mentor of their house and the element they would be focusing on.
The RED HOUSE would look at Conservation of Energy Resources
The BLUE HOUSE would look at conserving the magic of Water on our planet.
The GREEN HOUSE would look at the Conservation of the Earth and
The YELLOW HOUSE would look at Air Pollution

After this the School Captain and the rest took their oath in front of Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Rector. Fr. Rector gave the School Captain and Vice Captain their ties.The Principal was invited to hand over the charges to the various house leaders and to take their pledge. The Principal then gave the captains their ties.

Fr. Rector was then asked to declare the School House Systems Open. He then spoke to the students and told them of the exciting games that were going on and the teams that participated in FIFA. Some of the previous cup holders were already out of the tournament and were sad, disappointed and dejected as they were knocked out of this prestigious tournament. He stressed on TEAM: as Together Everybody Achieves More and asked each individual student to put his might into making his team successful.

After the ceremonies Fr. Rector together with Fr. Edwin the Administrator and the Supervisor went to plant a sapling in keeping with the school theme of Caring for Creation.

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