Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Wilfred D’Souza, sdb [Deanery Coordinator]
MATUNGA, JULY 7, 2010: The first North Bombay [East] Deanery Recollection for the Sunday School and Regular School Catholic Teachers was held at Don Bosco, Matunga, on Sunday, July 4, 2010. This activity is one of the components of the multifaceted ministry of Don Bosco Youth Services, for the Archdiocese.
There was a good turnout of Eighty-five Teachers from seven parishes and eight schools. The animator was Fr. K. T. Emmanuel, of St Vincent’s Parish, Chuim, Khar. He conducted an enlightening session on the theme: “Creation: A gift to be nurtured”, using a Power point presentation and group discussions. There was a lively participation.
A meaningful Prayer Service was conducted wherein all the teachers participated prayerfully. A small packet containing plant seeds was picked up by each teacher. They were to take this home to grow and nurture them into plants. During this year these plants will remind them of Creation and the care we show for this gift of God. The ambient was very prayerful.

Prior to the Recollection an hour was spent meeting the Coordinators of the catechetical activities in Parishes and Schools. The attendance was admirable with only two representatives absent. We discussed the Calendar of events for the year and then the setting up of the Pastoral Teams for each Parish and each School. All those attending felt encouraged and supported.
The evening then winded with a delicious dinner.

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