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KAPADVANJ, JULY 10, 2010: On July 9, 2010 Block Health Department organized in collaboration with all the religious leaders of the Kapadvanj taluka to campaign Save Girl Child and Vyasan Mukti. Religious Leaders of Kapadvanj taluka gathered together to discuss in implementing this program of the state government at Block Health Office at Kapadvanj.
Block Health Officer Dr. Chintan Desai was the host of the program. District health Officer Dr. B.R. Panchal and his Assistant District officer Dr. H. M. Patel were present for the same from District level. Religious leaders from Muslim community, Jain Nuns, Swamninarayan, Swydhyay Parivar, Roman Catholic priest and a Methodist pastor were present for the same.

Dr. Chintan Desai welcomed the gathering with the bouquet of flowers to all present there and shared with the people the concerned agenda of saving girl child. He said in his presentation the concerned of the state government and wanted to reach out to all the people in regard to this issue. He accepted his limitation being in government office so he appealed to all the religious present to help them out in this agenda. This was the first initiative of the taluka to work in collaboration with religious leaders of all religions.

Dr. B. R. Panchal in his presentation urged the religious leaders to emphasize this issue in their religious gatherings through various examples. He also told that the person who leaves any addiction to be rewarded in a public or to be made known. He also asked them to make a chain of people doing well.

Following were the discussion with the gathering on how each religion can contribute positively towards saving the girl child and freeing people from substance addiction. Fr. Mayank Parmar and Sailesh Parmar our DRISTI coordinator contributed our share in informing the gathering about our work in the villages. We have planned together with Primary Health Department to conduct an awareness program for all the villagers where we are working.

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