Thursday, July 15, 2010


BIS Correspondent
RAJASTHAN, JULY 15, 2010: The people of Mikhelpura (Salawad Khurd – Suket) took to the fields and streets of the Salawad village in a ‘jhalsa’ (procession) praying for rains on July 14, 2010.

While some of the neighboring states of North India are flooded with rains, there are places in Rajasthan where the land is still parched and the wells are running dry. The parishioners of St. Michael’s Parish – Salawad (Suket) organized a two hour prayerful procession walking through the fields of the poor farmers pleading with God to send down rains. Ninety- Five Per Cent of the people living in the region are farmers and hence when there are no signs of the arrival of rain, the faces do tell an anxious and often a worried story. Children, women and men, young and old joined in the march through the fields and the village chanting the beads of the rosary and singing hymns to Our Lady and the Risen Lord to hear their humble cry.

The Indian economy is still largely agrarian. Good rains and at appropriate intervals is the need of the hour. Please join us in prayer.

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