Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cl. Justus Mendis sdb
NARUKOT, JULY 17, 2010: The newspapers of Panchamal district were filled with the STD X results of the Don Bosco School. The Don Bosco school of Narukot received 98% result. Forty-nine students passed from the class of fifty students.

Students who topped the charts were:
1. Bariya Sandeep Rathwa 84.92%
2. Rathwa Rangla Diwadiya 84.00%
3. Parmar Heena Arvind 77.08%

Eighteen students achieved distinction, Twenty first classes, Eleven second class and three pass class.
The students could achieve this because of the dedicated service of fathers, brothers, teachers and various other volunteers who have played an important role to get the students to the ladder of success. These students come from very interior villages where no proper facilities are available. Results of such kind then become an example for all those who have and who don’t have environmental or institutional facilities for education.
The students had extra classes right from the summer, Diwali and Christmas vacations taken by some teachers from various places. The school teachers took special classes even on Sundays. Three meetings taken during the year for the parents helped tremendously in the co-operation of the parents too. After such hardwork, the staff and students of Don Bosco School found themselves extremely joyful looking at the result.

They thanked God for His blessings and prayed to Don Bosco for the strength to follow his ways. The effect of these successful results in the Panchamahl district has rendered numerous admissions to the Don Bosco School for its excellent teaching methods. At the end, the Rector, Fr. Stanny Ferreira and the Principal, Fr. Jerome John thanked the staff for their dedicated service in fostering lives in young souls. Viva Don Bosco!!!

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