Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cl. Justus Mendis sdb
NARUKOT, JULY 17, 2010: The Salesians of Don Bosco Narukot are continually striving in making this prayer into a reality for the village youth, especially for those who see this verse of the prayer just merely ‘a wish’ because of lack of qualification for their employment.

On July 10, Forty-seven boys from about eight villages of the age group eighteen to thirty were helped to get employment in the export oriented company by the Don Bosco technical institute of Narukot.
Mr. Arvind Nopany, the managing director and Mr. Joseph Francis, the Executive director and CEO of the company named RISHI FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd, export oriented undertaking, has employed these drop-outs and unemployed youth after a brief interview with them. The company is engaged in making huge bags containing three to ten tones of grains. These bags are exported to around fifty countries of Europe and other Asian countries. They promise to train these youth for three months giving them Rs.2500 styphen and free lodging. Once these youths are trained they will be employed for Rs.150 per day. There is also a hope for the increase of salary according to their performance. Such attempts of varied types are been taken by the institute to ensure the youth from the interior villages to get employment and start earning for their livelihood. Mr. Ashwin Baria, Kirtan Rathwa, Paresh Ganawa and Yesudas Macwan, the members of the development office, under the leadership of Fr. Stanny Ferreira have been responsible for animating the vagarant youth.

On July 12, the same company officials visited the Don Bosco institute to choose technical boys as per Wielding, Fabrications and Fitter trades. Their eye witnessing of the Salesian work for poor and abandoned youth made a deep impact on them which had brought them to the institute to give employment to the well-trained students, by having campus interviews.

Its not the case only with this particular company but also with the other companies like MOFLEX based in Halol, DINDAYAL in Kalol, SODEXO in Baroda, INSIPORON ENGINEERING INSTITUTE based in Ahmedabad, LEAR in Halol, KEMROCKS in Halol, Munjal Auto in Baroda and EURO in Kach, and many others who are engaged in taking campus interviews in our institute in giving employment. The institute is largely grateful to Mr. Pathankar, the benefactor of the institute, in many ways, who gets a lot of companies to come in contact with the Don Bosco Technical Institute of Narukot.

The boys who passed out earlier also have got similar jobs and the ones studying currently are also looking forward to their affiliated jobs. The principal Bro. Damodar is very pleased with the results of the ex-students given by the company officials. The introduction of the new courses of Argon and Meg wielding has also raised a high demand for the admissions. The institute is further looking for the making of our Lord’s Prayer into reality.

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