Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ranald Lopez sdb
GUJARAT, JULY 7, 2010: July 6 marks not just the Feast of Dominic Savio but a day when our little leaders pledge to lead their charges to a brighter future.
Lead India is not just the national campaign for the TOI but a pledge taken by twenty-five strong and determined boys and girls who were chosen and nominated by their very own students. The theme chosen for this year is The Human Rights campaign by the Central Govt. For the Indian masses to lead their fellow students to fight for and be aware of their rights, Hence the four house teams were named according to their rights, Right to Education, Right to Live, Right to Food and Forest Rights.

The young leaders were given this responsibility by taking their pledges on this very special day of the Feast of Dominic Savio who was a leader of his time. May our captains and leaders who emerge from our boarding’s and schools learn what it means to be leaders in The Spirit of Dominic Savio.

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