Thursday, September 2, 2010


Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas sdb
MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010: The SPCSA Assembly is being held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Mumbai, from September 2-4, 2010. Fr Maria Arokiam, the Regional Councillor; the eleven provincials and their delegates; and some of the South-Asia coordinators delegates arrived yesterday.

This morning, Fr Amalraj Susai, the Provincial of Trichy, presided at the Eucharist at 0700 hrs in the Crypt of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. In his homily, he exhorted the participants to “cast their nets on the other side.” He quoted two Old Testament examples. Abraham, awaiting his visitors, did not expect any good news from them; they gave him the good news that Sarah would bear a son. Likewise, the widow of Zarephath expected a visitor but did not expect anything to come about; she was blessed with a lifetime supply of flour and oil. Fr Amalraj exhorted the participants to wait for their confreres. Like the visitors mentioned above, confreres bring good news. It is worth the while to make time for confreres, to listen to them… and to “cast our net on the other side.”
The first session of the Assembly started at 0900 hrs with a well animated prayer service; it invited all to “light their candles.” Fr Arokiam and the provincials lit the lamp as a symbol of this mission. Fr Michael Fernandes and Fr Ajoy Fernandes, the Provincial and Vice Provincial of Mumbai respectively, welcomed the participants in and through a short film!

Next, Fr Maria Arokiam, the Regional Councillor, asked the participants to introduce themselves. They did not just that; they also shared their aspirations and expectations – a sharing that deepened their camaraderie. Fr Arokiam reminded the members that the SPCSA Assembly is a “think-tank” for the region; he encouraged the members to share their best ideas, and to be courageous in being “outrageous”.

Fr KJ Louis, Secretary of the SPCSA, read the minutes of the previous meeting.

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