Tuesday, September 7, 2010


DIVYADAAN, SEPTEMBER 7, 2010: September 4, 2010 brought great joy to one and all as the brothers of Divyadaan celebrated teacher’s day amidst great fun-fare.

The grand celebration began on a spiritual note with a prayer service. The students thanked God for all the teachers and prayed for them. The prayer service was followed by a cultural felicitation program, themed Thanks for all that you are, to felicitate all the professors.

The students of Divyadaan expressed their gratitude through dance, drama and entertainment. They rallied around their professors and highlighted the fact that the teachers were THE KEY TO THEIR LIVES and articulated the fact that THE TEACHERS GIVE THEM THE REASON TO BE. Fr. Robert Pen, the Principal of the Salesian Institute of Philosophy, on behalf of the teachers expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the love that was bestowed on the teachers. He said that actually it is the students who give us teachers THE REASON TO BE, TO DO AND TO LOVE.
He extended his sincere thanks to those students who helped out in the teaching of various subjects in the curriculum. The highlight of the day was the games organized by the MPh brothers for the professors.

The morning celebration ended with snacks. During snacks the students interacted with their professors amidst laughter and cheer.
Teacher’s day is celebrated throughout the country every year. Every year this day especially brings to mind the vocation of teaching which is God’s gift Divyadaan.

Yet being good and effective teachers requires us to first learn from the master. Let us first then fall at the feet of our guru Jesus Christ for He says ‘Come learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart’

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