Thursday, September 9, 2010


RnD BIS Correpondent

MATUNGA, SEPTEMBER 8, 2010: The Social and Financial Inclusion programme has been under going much research and adaptation to the ever changing needs and requirements of the marginalized situations and the government and financial institutions mandates. It was first felt the need for a PAN Card as an identity document was essential for the poor. Much research in the rural areas and with urban poor reveled that it was an important identity document before the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) system was implemented by the Central Government. The PAN Card would now be used for those in the taxable income bracket. While it would cost around Rs.100/- to make a PAN Card. Those in the BPL (Below Poverty Line) Category would be paid Rs. 100/- by the UIDAI to register themselves. The Registrar agencies would be given Rs.50/- (as against Rs. 7/- to the Pan Card registering agency) for their services of registering and reaching out to these populations.

The Don Bosco Research Centre, Matunga has hence begun pursuing and begun meeting different authorities of the UIDAI system and facilitating its network towards Registrar status to help the poor get access to its “consequential benefits”. This enrollment process through its network is geared towards helping the rural and marginalized poor to get special status to help identify and register along with the UIDAI number their BPL, SC - ST (Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe) status. This would ultimately help this population to have easier access and translation of the Government schemes meant for their upliftment. (The problem faced at the moment is to prove this BPL or SC-ST status which require retrieving, back dated (upto fifty years ago) supporting documents which have been a problem to obtain so far.)

The Don Bosco Research Centre made a presentation on the need for collaboration and got the (priest-nuns) Diocesan Social work Directors and co-ordinators of 6 diocese of Western India at a programme conducted by Caritas (Wes Zone) at Sarvodaya, Goregaon Seminary on the September 6.The Directors took up a practical approach to the question of financial inclusion and requested Caritas to follow up this programme with the Don Bosco RnD. They set up a strategic plan through their co-ordinators at the state level to follow up and reach this programme to their NGO network and benficaries.

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