Monday, September 13, 2010


BIS Correspondent
NARUKOT, SEPTEMBER 13, 2010: On September 8, the community of Don Bosco Narukot was blessed with the visitation of Fr. Maria Arockiam, the regional superior, Don Bosco in our midst. His visitation added a special colour to the greenery of Narukot which brought a joyous atmosphere into the house. Fr. Maria was welcomed with the Rathwi dance which in the form of procession led him to the place of planting the tree. There he told the students that they are blessed to live in the jungle of trees whereas the city people live in the jungle of concrete, which indeed should not be the case. Later, he met the staff of school, technical, development and domestic staff and most important the two hundred and fifty villages who came to have a glance of their Don Bosco.

Fr. Maria was greatly impressed by this. He later met the past pupils and the co-operators. He also went to a village named Zaleriya and once again was proud of the work of Salesians. His meeting with the each confrere was greatly valued by the confreres themselves. They felt the simplicity of their dear father and founder in him. The nativity mass became extremely solemn with the minus track hymns and by his celebration of the Eucharist. Next day, in the early morning’s he gave the conference on the change of mentality required as per the GC26 to the community. This meditation truly helped the confreres to have a broader vision. He accompanied his visitation with a well directed House Assembly. Father then left for Chotta Udaipur.
The community felt the blessings and asked him to come again. Really, the departure of Don Bosco caused a pain but it was nothing in comparison with the splendid joy felt with him for the past days. Thanking Don Bosco for staying in our midst.

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