Monday, September 20, 2010


Parmar Mayank sdb
KAPADVANJ, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010: The people of Rampura want the Government Systems to work. From the last three years the people of Rampura were deprived of many facilities. The villagers felt that the Panchayat body was not interested in solving the problems.
During the rainy season, the main road is clogged with water resulting in the spread of diseases throughout the village. DRISTI has been working in this village for the past six months and was instrumental in getting their pay in the NREGS. After this success the people of the village approached DRISTI to help them with this matter. With the guidance of DRISTI the people submitted a written application to the Talati on August 15, 2010 in public. Till the end of the month, no action was taken in order to improve the situation. Once again the people came knocking to DRISTI. Fr. Mayank, together with Sailesh Parmar and Suresh Parmar our field workers had a meeting with the villagers and helped to draw up the official written application with the following problems.

1. Water clogging on the main road.
2. Health and sanitation issue
3. Distribution of village sanitation equipments which is lying with the village panchayat for the last three months
4. Re checking of the BPL List
5. To put street lights
6. Hand pump repairing and to start the village water pump
7. Inquiry about the work done at ‘udharakh talav’
8. Why the information like shelf of work and b.p.l. list was not displayed on the panchayat wall?

This application was submitted by the people to the TDO and requested to have a Gram sabha. The TDO rejected the request for a gramsabha but agreed for a special meeting where he would send the Assistant TDO.

This special meeting was held on September 15, 2010. The Talatin and the sarpanch remained absent but all the same issues were taken up one by one and another issue was also raised regarding the building of an Anganwadi. He promised to solve all the issues as soon as possible giving preference to the Road. The very next day the villagers informed DRISTI that some action already began. Steps were taken to prevent water prone diseases.

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