Monday, September 27, 2010


UMRETH, SEPTEMBER 27,2010: September 26, 2010 was marked as the day for the children to enjoy themselves and learn something on creation. The theme for the boarding day was care for creation. The children came in at about 9:30am they were divide into groups for the ice breakers and some games organized for them by the brothers and the sisters which they thoroughly enjoyed. After the games snacks was served.
The inauguration programme began at 11:00am led by bro Anthony showing them the importance of creation and how much god loves humanity that he gave his best to it. The students of Don Bosco Dakor enacted a skit showing the importance of not cutting trees. The first session was taken by Fr. Cyril Dias from Naidaid and Narendra bhai explaining the importance of creation and the different types of pollution. He also went to explain that we can do little things to make this world a better place to stay in. The children present were then sent for lunch which they all enjoyed.

The second session began at 2:15pm in which Fr. Cyril Dias animated the different boarding by giving them a group activity and they had to come up and put up a skit or a song on creation and the ways and the means by which they as children can take care of their surroundings. Each of the boarding was asked to present a theme song on care for creation and each boarding did its best with the best of animation. The programme ended with the final words of the dean Fr. Alexander Fernandes and with snacks being provided. The day ended on a fantastic note when the boys and the girls wished and thanked all of the fathers', brothers and sisters for the wonderful day organized for them. They said that “Ame lok mate pachi amach divas rako.""Tamaro kup kup abar".

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