Thursday, September 30, 2010


William Falcao sdb
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2010: Extra ordinary visitation by Fr. Maria Arokiam at Shelter Don Bosco began with Lauds and Holy Eucharist at 7am on September 28, 2010. As soon as the Salesians came out of the Chapel the Shelter boys warmly welcomed Fr Maria with a welcome song.

As per the daily schedule Fr. Regional participated in the management and Staff meetings. The message was very clear to the staff that, “loving the boys is not enough but making them know that they are loved”.

Fr. Maria took keen interest to ask each staff “modus operandi “at Shelter Don Bosco. He met the conferees individually and supported with them positively. Even the staff did not hesitate and took the opportunity to meet the regional personally.

Tree plantation program began in Shelter by the Regional letting us know the significance of tree plantation. This conveys us a message to all of us that “the mighty oak was once a little nut that, held its ground “Then all of us management, staff and boys went to the circle in front of the Parish Church and there along with a member of management, staff and a boy Fr, Maria each planted a sapling, in the midst of heavy traffic with the public wondering and gazing at us.

During the concluding conference after the evening prayer Community was encouraged and enriched with positive strokes and also with some suggestions to improve the standard of the work. He was immensely happy with the community setup. The extraordinary visitation concluded with the family circle. Fr. Regional in his good night taught the boys “how to pray “

The extraordinary visitation went according to schedule planned by the community. Thank you so much Fr. Maria for making it convenient & encouraging everyone in the Shelter.

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