Friday, October 1, 2010


Nov. Dustin Yarde
NASHIK, OCTOBER 1, 2010: Frs. Glenn Lowe and Ajoy Fernandes conducted a Workshop on Youth Ministry for fifteen novices of Salesian Training Institute, Nasik, from September 27 to September 29, 2010. They began each day at the Eucharistic table praying for God’s blessings, and drawing inspiration from scripture for approaches to youth ministry.

Fr. Glen’s catch phrases “What you see is what you get; See what everyone sees, but think what no one else thinks,” set the tone for the workshop. He enlightened the participants on the difference between youth activity and youth ministry; presented several models of youth ministry; and helped the participants acquire skills for ministering effectively to youth. Fr. Ajoy presented the Salesian model of youth ministry, and helped understand how the Salesian Youth Spirituality could be incorporated into the daily program of our apostolate like coaching a football team, or conducting a band. Preparing and presenting sessions featuring different elements of the Salesian Youth Spirituality challenged the participants for an entire day. The workshop ended with a simple but moving ceremony commissioning the novices to be youth ministers. The participants shared that more than conducting activities for youth; they had learned the basics of being effective youth ministers.

The three day Salesian Youth Ministry course was truly an eye opener to every novice. The SYM program was enhanced by the enthusiasm, active participation and creativity of the novices. The ‘end’ depends on the ‘beginning’… and the best place to begin Youth Ministry was at this crucial novitiate year.

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